About me, my style and philosophy

I am not sure how my style evolved, whether it is my interest in sports, what and who makes our small world or an interest in photojournalism, but a fascination with people, their emotions and moments in everyone’s lives is why I enjoy shooting images the way I do. I thrive on the challenge to capture that unique moment, sometimes being unpredictable.

I believe that people are only models of their lives and not everyone can be asked to pose. That is why I think that people look their best just being who they really are. I prefer to capture the moment as it happens....a moment in life, than create a fictitious one. This requires a lot patience and optimism. But what I get in return is the chance to make an unique honest picture which people know is a genuine moment and which hopefully remains forever in their memories.

Why do I shoot what I shoot?

Sports.....An activity which creates an environment where athletes compete, win or lose. Where there is joy or disappointment, real EMOTIONS. I try to capture all of this on camera, a moment in an athlete's life.

Travel.....Where PEOPLE are a country's living monuments. I enjoy meeting and photographing people in their daily life routines, what makes them as normal people, their customs and ways of life. Travel photography gives me more than just photos on my wall. I try to talk to very person I photograph so the image instils an experience.

Weddings and Engagements.....Events where one of nature's deepest emotions is celebrated: LOVE. Capturing moments shared by the celebrating couple, their families and friends is a satisfying experience. One of the most rewarding comments, is that a photo I presented, reminded someone of a unique moment in their special day.

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Most of the images featured on the website (except where the images were commissioned work) are available for sale as prints in various sizes and formats.

If you like my work and would like my services, please contact me and we discuss your requirements. Prices vary according to individual cases and many times, a custom package designed around your needs can be offered.


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